Dublin Movie Awards is an international online event occurring seasonally. We invite filmmakers to join us for an event of drama, romances, thrillers and other genre films. We aim for diversity! We want to show the best fiction, animation and documentary films we receive wherever they come from. One of our goals is to value under-represented creators. We will pay a special attention to films with at least one woman involved in a key role: Director, Producer, Screenwriter, DOP, Lead Actress... In addition to the main competition, the 'Women in Focus' selection will screen the best films directed by women. We focus on the independent filmmaker and our festival structure is made so that registrants have a much higher% nomination than other festivals. So, our event is held every 3-4 months in order to reward the maximum number of filmmakers. We also believe that everyone deserves the same opportunities. That is why it does not matter if you register your project on the 1st or the 20th. We do not make any selections, until we have received all the entries. The festival jury comprises of executives from distribution companies with a singular focus; We are looking for that next diamond in the rough, the next Paranormal Activity, Blair Witch or My Big Fat Greek Wedding! We are committed to providing opportunities to all content creators from around the world and to introduce their work to the broadest possible audience.